Assorted St. Dominic's Characters

Zachary Quinton (no relation to the actor)

Zachary is an angry young man with a defensive personality, who had fallen in love with Ms. Little and also engaged in Satanic ritual and ... well, grimoire snorting with her and the rest of the group. He is very determined to always be right and argues with those around him constantly. He's also likely to blame everyone else for situations that are his fault, as happened with the grimoire and the Ms. Little incident. When last seen he was under house arrest and about to be interviewed by Elli/Luka regarding the events.

Naveed Gill

Naveed is the Librarian at St. Dominic's. He is highly educated, well-spoken, and very, very firm on the library rules. It is rumored that he sleeps in the library. He accepts all books donated, a fact that caused friction between himself and Dean Winchester, who felt he was putting the students at risk by allowing demonology texts on the shelf, though Mr. Gill views anything else as censorship. He takes everything quite seriously and has a strong dislike for people who attempt to pressure him on his beliefs or who speak loudly in the library.

Nathalie Winters

Nathalie is the Astronomy teacher, a subject not taught until she insisted it get introduced. She is a no-nonsense teacher, the type one would assume is a hard marker, and had no belief in the supernatural before all the events of the game. She was quickly determined non-suspicious to the players. Even after the game she appears to be disbelieving the evidence in front of her eyes that supernatural things may exist.

Gideon Birch

Gideon is the Physics teacher, and not terribly well-liked. He's sarcastic to the point of meanness, and doesn't seem to understand where personal limits are on what's okay and not okay to joke about -- the kind of teacher who comes off as a little sexist, a little racist, you name it; he made jokes about Alisa's death shortly after it happened and things like that. He did not believe in the supernatural before the events of the game. The players quickly determined him to be not terribly suspicious.

Jake Rutherford

Jake is an aggressive "jock" type who doesn't do well in his classes and who immediately started picking on Shuri. Little else is known about him because nobody sent anyone to investigate him except Shuri :') Players more or less ignored him as a suspect, except Shuri, who insisted he was guilty. Ilu Shuri.

Alisa Little

Alisa Little was the History teacher at St. Dominics, a young woman of 31 whose teaching skills were not highly respected by the staff. She was known to have moodswings, though overall a cheerful and outgoing spirit. She was a little too close to her students. Eventually, on joining her 'study group' for drug sessions -- where the drug was a finely-torn page of a grimoire -- she lost control on a high while hanging Christmas ornaments and threw herself off a balcony.