Cadence "Cady" Kincade & Ling Xe

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Cady and Ling Xe first appear as college students out for a late night snack and soon it is clear they are something else.

Cadence "Cady" Kincade

Cady first appeared in her PJs with her pick-up truck, waiting for Ling Xe to finish failing to buy her potato chips. She overheard the players talking about trying to meet up and offered them a ride, as it was something like 3 am at the time -- at which point she discovered they were on about ghosts and vampires, and insisted on coming with them. She pretended to be from camp when the group went to meet Lucia, hung around, and eventually snuck out with Banjou to investigate the house, where they found Lucille Bellcourt. She later helped rob the house. She is hypothetically (due to the same last name) associated with a Father Alaister Kincade, whose number they found under Dr. Filangieri's hostel bed.

She is extremely talkative and exuberant and tends to keep up a running patter most of the time. She has talked about being in exams, and revealed some literary interests.

Cady has long fluffy brown hair usually held in a messy ponytail, is tall, and is slightly overweight, bearing it mostly on her hips and upper arms. She wears one large cross around her neck, and another huge and heavy one in a holster around her waist. This second one can telescope out and lock to become a polearm.

Ling Xe

Ling Xe is short, thin, and androgynous. She has long black hair and large black eyes which are hard to read. It is difficult to say if Ling Xe is her given name, family name, or both, as Kincade just uses the whole thing to refer to her all the time and Ling Xe herself practically never speaks.

She has a sarcastic but playful personality despite her lack of speech, with expressions that speak volumes. She loves food, especially candy, especially food other people are currently trying to eat. Trollololol.

She is a dual-wielder of some kind, carrying both a wooden sword and a metal one.