Isobel (Baronness Disolel)

Isobel describes herself as in service to Prince Asmodeus and appeared to the Bellcourt family in some capacity relating to her ties to Asmodeus. She took the role as a personal assistant to Adam Bellcourt, a replacement domestic servant (fulfilling the role Mr. Sidney previously had), and also managed supernatural security at the hospital. Her role in events is as yet unclear, though she at least appeared to be surprised by the Crow's appearance and willing to help the players against them.

She recently showed up again at the trial in Hell to speak, surprisingly, in favor of Tristan's freedom and promotion -- to a rank under her. Unfortunately, a Demon Prince also put in a bid for him...

A succubus, Isobel has no particular physical flaws. Her current form is that of a moderately short woman who compensates with remarkably tall heels; she has a slender version of the hourglass figure, with a narrow waist but downplayed curves on the hip and the bust. Her features are full, with a soft mouth and heavy eyelids. She dresses professionally and is usually wearing a bluetooth. Her hair is a mahogany auburn, held in a low bun. She does not try particularly hard to hide her demonic nature; her eyes are red and slit-pupilled.

Isobel's personality is sharp-edged, superior, and sadistic. She is very clearly a woman who prefers to be in control rather than taking orders from the humans around her. She seems drawn towards the unsure or otherwise unable to resist as a particular outlet or vent for her stifled sense of control. Besides those moments, she tends to cultivate an air of "business".