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Day One
In which Anise and Kenny wake up in a creepy hospital and there are a lot of demons.
In which Fon, Kazuki, Okita, and Yuuki are Team Super Subtle and meet Nurse Sexy.
In which Rita, Robin, Crow, Elliot, and Anise steal coffee from a breakroom and look for codes.
In which Shuri, Konatsu, Itachi, and Yuki wake up in a hostel with a narcoleptic Italian, and Yuki gets jealous.
In which Sera, Raidou, and Banjou find themselves in a graveyard with a bawwwing ghost, and there is even more texting.

Day Two
In which a convenience store is not robbed, and they don't get clothes for Okita at a sex shop.
In which Elliot, Crow, and Robin leave the hospital and look for graveyards.
In which cupcakes are better than pacts, there is a phone call, and an important hospital visit.
In which there is more communing with ghosts, and Raidou looks for beetles.
In which oh god sex demons and a celestial war get back in the car.
In which Shuri, Sera, and Banjou talk to Lucia Bellcourt, who doesn't look best in red.
In which there is a truck, and Ling Xe totally knows you're vampires, but just wants your candy.
In which there is a demonologist at Denny's at 3AM, and a dick-waving contest over jalapenos.

Day Three
In which Anise and Rita make a daring escape, and there are puppies.
In which Kaname and Tristan discuss politics and get naked. NSFW
In which there is a demonic compendium and we finally leave Denny's.
In which Itachi, Yuki, and Konatsu talk to David, and there is some pretty spectacular bro bonding.
In which there is homosexuality, codes, Disney Princess Elliot, and this turns into a Hitchcock film.
In which Ling Xe and Kincade have the safest and most excellently unsuspicious vehicle.
In which Lucia is the undisputed queen of social awkwardness.
In which social awkwardness somehow reaches new and unfortold heights.
In which Banjou and Kincade fuck off and learn to use the lever principle.
In which there is a graveyard, reunions, and some extremely awkward flirting.
In which Fon and Tristan fuck off. NSFW

Day Four, Act I
In which hello hello hello hello hello, and the problem with crows begins.
In which there is much ado about birds, but they don't like Frappucinos.
In which there is a murder at the hostel, and you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone.
In which Raidou, Rita, Okita, and Ling Xe are lovers, not fighters, or something.
In which Lucia's father doesn't get the shotgun, and things may be building, but we're not sure what.
In which Banjou and Cady find a real life Rochester in the attic.
In which Anise makes a deal with a devil.

Day Four, Finale
In which Tristan meets a crow and gives Fon his car after cuddling.
In which Team Tsundere saves Kieran from crows, and Tristan does his very best to fuck right off.
In which news of David's capture arrive, and news of Bastien's death are as always greatly exaggerated.
In which there is an impromptu trial at the hospital and BAWWWWWW.

Epilogue I and Disneyland epilogue. NSFW

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Game 07 text log


Game 7 returned our players to California, where they were largely scattered around the Santa Ana region. As this included a great deal of back and forth and re-discovery of areas, I will break them down into main locations and what was (sooner or later) discovered there.

One area is the Bellcourt Hospital; here, David was being held to recuperate but was actually under a demonic watch. One group of players discovered he was still capable of his shadow/nightmare projections and communication, and another came across Tristan working a night shift here. Before one group could escape they came across Isobel, a succubus baroness, who was currently working as an aide to Lucia's father Adam and who was security management at the hospital. She secretly brought them back to Lucia and Adam's house to interrogate them without informing Lucia.

Another was the graveyard, where Kit and Bastien had been dwelling by haunting the graves of those who shared the Mayfair blood, much to their own regret. Kit was in a state as Bastien had yet again been kidnapped (as tends to happen...) and it was likely that Lucia was responsible.

Naturally, a third location was Lucia's home, where the Bellcourts lived; Lucia had been slowly being taken over by the Sword there, and Adam and Lucille, her and David's parents, were also in residence.

Another location is a seedy hostel, where Filangieri was staying when he travelled here to try to help out David, with whom he'd lost contact after David had come out of his coma. He quickly left this area not to be found again, and there was some sign that he had set up temporary wards of some kind and had left in a great deal of a hurry.

A final location was the general Santa Ana region, around which players came across Kieran, who had come here to try to offer his help when he heard Tristan was in trouble, as well as two new characters, an odd pair of girls in their early twenties, Ling Xe and Kincade, who take an interest in the players' talk of demons and ghosts. Fon decided to take this opportunity to fuck off with Tristan (literally) to try to trade himself for information.

The party eventually converges on the Bellcourt household, wherein there is a big ruckus of accusations all around, which is unfortunately interrupted by news of the Crow.

The Crow are essentially a demonic police force/inquisition, in charge of investigating and punishing broken contracts or crimes against Hell. Some attacked Kieran as collateral for Tristan; others came after David as the same for Lucia, one made a trade with Anise for information, and another allowed Kazuki to pact with it -- to become its eyes and ears in exchange for an audience with Andromalius. Lucia willingly gave up Bastien (who she had kidnapped and stuck in a mirror in her mother's room in hopes of using him, a blood relative, to play the role in unsealing Asmodeus which David previously had) and all went to the hospital to attempt to save David.

There, they had an audience with the leader of the Crow, Andromalius, whom allowed them to give evidence and trade information to lighten various criminal's sentences. Lucia gave up the Sword and nearly died but for the party's intervention, and the information and elements traded ended up allowing the criminals in question - Lucia, Bastien, and Tristan -- two month's time to get their affairs and defenses in order. Adam Bellcourt chose to go as collateral (or, well, a hostage) in his son's place.

Many questions were raised by this -- Hell rarely can or will call in a human under trial, as they are not necessarily under its purvue, and the reasons behind the sudden mass interest are unexplained. It is clear something larger is going on here. The players, David, and Lucia went to Disneyland to lighten the mood, and meanwhile, Kincade and Ling Xe, left behind, lightened Lucia's household's occult belongings.

Finally, in preparation, David invited Kit and Bastien to dwell in their house, gathering power together in one place so they could work towards a common goal...