Game 6 - Angels & Demons (Journal RP) Lucia game 3


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Day One
In which Kaname, Kazuki, Anise, are in the attic, and there is a girl in a coffin. [Kazuki | Anise | Yuuki | Kaname]
In which Shuri, Risa, Rika, and Vaan come up from the graveyard. [and then Shuri is locked in a morgue]
In which Konatsu, Itachi, Ash, and Kayashima are on a boat.
In which Sera, Robin, Souji, and Tyki are racking up a lot of bad luck.

Day Two
In which Shuri has an excellent adventure that is totally safe.
In which Sera, Kaname, and Rika play Black Jack.
In which Robin, Vaan, and Anise play hangman, and there is Shuri and kittens.
In which Kayashima, Tyki, and Risa bust a pinata and then go to town.
In which Konatsu, Itachi, Souji, and Yuuki play head games.

Day Three
In which there is a doctor and a nightmare.
In which there is a staircase and 100 candles.
In which there is a piano and a gramophone.
In which a ninja and a Noah fight over who gets to hold the kitten.
In which Konatsu makes good decisions.
In which Souji makes equally good decisions.
In which there is a reunion and a trade.

The Dead
Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV

Final Day
A short intermission.
In which there are the living and the dead.
In which Konatsu is with the good doctor.
In which there are phonecalls and taxicabs.
In which many people meet Lucia for the first time.
In which people are trapped inside of Bastien.
In which Okita Souji heads North.
In which Sera eats a sword and it tastes delicious.
In which many people approach Lucia's mansion.
In which there is a convergence of many paths.

One more thing . . .

Another way to read:
Game 6 Text Log


Attempting to summarize this one by events coherently is impossible, so I'll just address the truth behind them directly:

Players woke up to find themselves in a variety of places and situations, often surreal, warping, and all centring around Bastien at various ages and situations. Often they are challenged to death games (or ...not death games but normal games).

They soon discover that they have been inserted in Bastien's soul; the only way out is to find the deepest core of himself and then emerge from the other side, but to do so will likely rip him apart. In contrast, Bastien's self-defenses are attempting to kill them and by doing so bring their souls under his conscious control. If he can do this he can bring them into his 'conscious' where he will slowly drain their energy trying to reinforce himself while looking for a way to get them out (and of course killing them if it doesn't work).

Meanwhile they wander through his soul, seeing elements in there (such as the Sword, which still has hooks in him; important memories, and past selves). Also running a lot into a helpful kitten.

David manages to steal Kazuki through a closet again, and in doing so brings him into the real world, where he is currently hanging out with a narcoleptic Italian doctor named Dr. Alessandro Filangieri aka Dr. Feelgood. Filangieri manages to cast a spell to extract some people (Kaname, Shuri, Sera, and Ash) from Bastien's soul, but in doing so loses Kazuki back in.

Deep inside the Sword uses several people to gain power - Konatsu, who it again uses and discards, and Okita Souji, who it possesses. Kayashima, Tyki, Robin, Yuuki, and Itachi make their way down to Bastien's core, where they find the important secret that was hidden away was that Bastien had sealed part of the sword's power inside a box and the secret of how to open the box died with him.

Okita, under the sword's encouragement and influence, takes the kitten hostage (really) and the party is forced to trade the knowledge for the kitten. Okita then, with the sword, rips its way out of Bastien's soul. YEAAAHHHH!!

Bastien is left pretty much a wreck during this, but slowly manages to recover as time passes and it is revealed that his consciousness is trapped in a physical location. The party manages to solve the puzzle to discover that Lucia, using blood magic, had sealed Bastien's soul inside a puzzle box, and by solving the puzzle they can emerge. Yay!

Meanwhile, those who were outside Bastien had been given some goods from Filangieri -- the same that Raphael had given Tobias to drive Asmodeus away from Sarah, actually -- and they decided to head over to Lucia's. Along the way, they run into Okita and the fragment of the sword's consciousness that was with him and Sera eats it. So she is then the holder of the secret.

Everyone converges on Lucia's place and there is a spiritual showdown in which it is revealed that a) Bastien is Lucia's ancestor (no big surprise really), b) the kitten was actually the manifestation of Kit inside Bastien's soul (even less of one) and similar things.

Lucia pulls Sera to the side to ask her about the secret, and while this happens, Kazuki and Shuri SMOKE THE FISH and Asmodeus flips out, screams, loses his form, and flees into the night.

Lucia attacks everyone and is a crying sobbing mess when they finally leave, sent back home.

...Meanwhile, Asmodeus recovers himself and prepares to head back, when he is interrupted by an Italian man clearing his throat. "Mi scuse..." Asmodeus clearly recognizes him... and the game is drawn to a close.