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The players all arrived in a rather confusing situation: Many found themselves in the middle of some woods, while others woke up to find themselves in a creepy, run-down mansion.

Those who found themselves in the forest found themselves quickly surrounded by hellhounds, which would generally be considered a bad sign, but Mr. Sidney quickly showed up to escort them to the house that Lucia had rented in the Dundee area. He had attempted to summon some of them (while not others) and something had interfered, scattering them. Lucia quickly welcomes them into her home and reveals that she has asked them here to carry through on the job she had indicated previously: trying to find her special lost artifacts from various historical events surrounding Dundee, including looking for a few things from the run-down mansion of one Bastien Mayfair. Konatsu was to be included, but after spending some time in a closet where he'd gone to talk to the highly seductive voice who kept whispering him promises of exchanges of power, he stole a motorbike and fucked off into the night. The groups are quickly split -- with priest John Brown held as collateral -- to search for the items Lucia wanted.

Most of the item searching went off with only a very few hitches, but for Konatsu occasionally showing up to kill people, steal things, and vanish again into the night. You see, after handling the Sword to try to kill Luka, he'd fallen victim to the influence of a demon who lived in the sword. Known as the Sword and the Red Man, with real name unknown, this black-eyed, sharp-edged demon longed for bloodshed. He had found Konatsu and driven him to find where the sword -- his vessel -- had ended up, then to kill more and more and find a few key items, including an amulet box, which the others were also looking for. Regardless, with the exception of the amulet box, a variety of artifacts were brought to Lucia.

Meanwhile, the group who had woken up inside the run-down manor had been found by Elli -- who had tried to summon people at the same time, causing the interference Mr. Sidney had noticed -- and Luka, the demon now possessing her. They were trying to hunt down the Red Man themselves, to get vengeance on it for killing her brother and family originally, and to keep it from falling into anyone else's hands. With the help of this small group of individuals they were trying to track down where it was; Kazuki managed to move between the two groups with David's closet-yoinking interference to help aid this.

Working with Elli and Luka were: Madison and Kieran who had accompanied them to do research on paranormal things (Madison trying to get a better grasp on his powers, and Kieran who is starting off as an amateur demonologist), and Tristan, who had already been in town coincidentally. Through a group effort it was revealed that Mr. Sidney was, in fact, a rather powerful demon: Sidonay, also known as Asmodeus.

Things fell together to reveal that Lucia had been hoping to get hold of the Sword with this effort; she had been told previously that Konatsu had dropped the sword in the manor after trying to eliminate Luka with it. Konatsu was being driven to bring the sword to Lucia -- to kill her and the bound Asmodeus and seize power that way -- and Elli (with Luka naturally along) was determined to get the sword before it could do more damage. Ultimately a showdown occurred outside Lucia's rental house, and although the sword rejected Konatsu and tried to take her over, Asmodeus's influence helped her keep her control. Everyone was invited inside for a birthday dinner and explanations; most went though Tristan avoided the option and left.

Which was just as well, as birthday dinner was drugged, and Lucia bid farewell to everyone after divesting them of important belongings.