Game 3: The St. Dominic's Boys School Mystery (IRC) [12/09]

Players: Kaname Kuran, Shuri Oak, Robin Sena, Sera Angel, Narumi Shouhei, Uchiha Itachi, Dean Winchester, and Konatsu Warren.


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Game 3 text log

A team of investigators are recommended by Ms. Sayre to the headmaster of a school, St. Dominic's School for Boys, and are summoned to this world. The headmaster, a Mr. Cillian Prewett, explains that it is the Christmas break, and few faculty and staff are still at the school, but one of the teachers, a Ms. Alisa Little, was found dead with a knife in her back off a balcony and one of the people here must have done it. Between the recommendations of a then-unnamed Seer (who turns out to be Madison) and due to the Satanic symbols found around the body, he attempts to get ahold of an exorcist, but while one would be sent out he worries that the three-day arrival time will be too long and something terrible will happen. So the players were summoned to investigate. They are given the run of the school, permission to interview all potential suspects (as well as any of those who had alibis that they wish) and otherwise attempt to determine the truth of what happened.

The players split up to interview the suspects, including the smart and sporty co-captain of the soccer team, Kieran; the hyper-sexual English TA who took over when the English LIt prof got sick, Tristan; the angry and overcompensating chess team member and favourite student of Ms Alisa, Zachary; the jock, Jake; the boy genius and crazed psychic, Madison; the supernaturally-knowledgeable librarian, Naveed; the smart and no-nonsense Astronomy teacher, Nathalie; and the sarcastic and unlikeable Physics prof, Gideon. Of these, they quickly discarded Nathalie, Jake, Kieran, and Gideon as suspicious, but were still able to get information about the suspects from them. They also interviewed some of the people who weren't suspects for greater information on the overall situation.

An overview of information they learned:

- Alisa was very mood-swingy, especially in the few months before the incident. She was well-liked generally but not terribly respected as a teacher (especially by Gideon and Nathalie), and was a little too close to some of her students (including Zachary).
- Tristan arrived at the start of the school year and a number of students and faculty began to take ill with a mysterious fatigue overall around the same time. He was very friendly and helpful, but was read to be rather skeevy in personality, and there were lots of implied sexual liasions he was having with both students and teachers, including the literature prof, Alisa, and Kieran, among others -- many of the ones who were taking ill were those he was implied to have had relations with. Kieran, when interviewed, denied that Tristan could have been the killer.
- Madison 'scared' those around him, and was not very well (attempts to interview him resulted in items being thrown and Madison nearly launching himself out a window).
- Naveed observed library sessions Alisa had with a group of favourite students; some sort of study group.
- Zachary was obsessed with Alisa and determined to uphold her good name at all costs.
- Some demonology texts had been donated to the school, brought by Tristan (who then saw an opening for a TAship and applied) and had been stolen since FROM the rare artifacts room.

They also investigated local ghost stories, and followed one of the 'urban legends' on campus to 'voices in the library' said to call people's names. By investigating further, some players found piles of paper hidden in the library behind books.

While investigating on the last day, Kaname returned to investigate Tristan again and quickly found himself seduced against his will. Dean burst in and correctly identified Tristan as an incubus -- a demon which feeds on human energy by engaging in sexual acts with them. He kept Tristan covered by gun and told him to confess; Tristan denied having anything to do with the murder but admitted to being the cause of the illness, sure. He was, he claimed, just there for the Catholic school boys.

On the last 'safe' day all the suspects were called into the office (including Tristan, being lead under gun-cover) to be confronted by the investigators in front of Prewett. In order to try to get a reaction, Robin set some of the paper on fire -- perhaps a mistake as it was a hallucinogenic of a demonic nature, causing wild mood swings and uncontrolled behaviour, though it did make Zachary reveal himself as knowledgeable about the situation when he ran forward to try to save the paper. Robin, hallucinating, set the office on fire, and proceedings were delayed as the building was evacuated. Tristan calmed Robin down and got her and others to safety by making out with her and forcing her to pass out, then, in the resulting confusion, made his escape.

In the aftermath it was discovered, from a weeping Zachary, that all those in the study group had been engaged in ingesting this drug -- made from torn pieces of a demonic text -- and during one hallucinogenic bout Alisa threw herself off a balcony. He didn't want her to get the reputation as a suicide -- especially in a Catholic school, where suicide was a sin -- so he stabbed her and made it look like a satanic murder.

The exorcist finally arrived to investigate further and close up loose ends; this turned out to be the Elli-Luka meld, going by the name "Elliot", who had since become a demon hunter/paranormal investigator.