Game 11: Has Science Gone Too Far...?


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Game 11 Text Log

The party is summoned because a duke of greed has been offed in a ritualistic manner, and Isobel in particular wants to point the finger at the Bellcourts or at Tristan -- whichever comes first, though both groups claim no knowledge of the incident.

The party wastes no time in divvying themeselves up to investigate. One group goes to the office and murder scene, where they question and trade an apparently-angelic artifact off to the victim's secretary, a Mr. Gray. There they find some tampered with footage on the security cameras with a female silhouette in it. Another group seduces some cops and steals some pizza before questioning the guy who found the body, a low-level demon in advertising. Another group stays at home and discovers the ritual used would likely to be either to unseal a sealed demon or to curse somebody, but both are usually done with a human sacrifice, not a demonic one. Yet another group investigates the victim's house and finds strong evidence that the duke was working with Isobel, but didn't trust her, and working on some kind of tracking device. The last group arrived separately, in Filangieri's office, apparently having been yoinked by a young and serious woman named Valencia looking for her missing teacher.

It comes to a head when Isobel attempts to indict the Bellcourts/Tristan and the group presents the discoveries they found. Andromalius, apparently wishing to wash his hands of this and Mr. Gray's overt bribery and so on, agrees that an easy possible method to solve this is to have all possible groups' homes searched to find the device the Duke was working on with Isobel, which had gone missing. Isobel, Tristan, and the Bellcourts agree -- but the device turns up, unexpectedly, in Isobel's place, and she is stripped of her rank and further investigations will happen between her and the Crow later. What happened there...?

The party never found out, having, er, a party before finally being sent off, but privately Tristan confronts Zoey who reveals, basically, that it was her. I HEARD IT WAS YOUR BIRTHDAY, TRISTAN :) Friends get each other birthday presents!

Will it be left at that...?