Game 10: A Holly Jolly Christmas


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Night 2 - CFUW Ousting
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Game 10 Text Log

Lucia and David hold a christmas party! THIS WAS NOT A PLOTTY GAME, basically people kept asking to be summoned when things weren't terrible for once so they decided to do so. That said, it wasn't all fun and games -- because both Shuri and Kazuki's camp significant others showed up and were immediately dumped in favor of David and Lucia. Awkward!

But them aside, there was lots of food and merryment and laser tag and stuff like that. Lucia ran a harmless cry wolf game for, you know, old time's sake. 'Eaten' characters went to the basement where they met a reality-tv-watching demon named Zoey (until people complained too much so Lucia said whatever and let the losers stay with the players).

Zoey is a Chevalier-rank demon who is currently Tristan's 'partner' in field work and, it turns out, feeds off negative emotions, especially focusing on relationship drama. How fortunate for her in this game!

Speaking of Tristan, he was also here. Technically, they were here because Lucia and David tried to do things all official like and get a demon to do the proper summoning. No more hell trials! No more technicalities that can get them in trouble!

Elluka and Kieran also both made cameos because Lucia flew them over -- Elluka as Sera's christmas present, and Kieran at Robin's request. Robin kind of neglected to mention this to Tristan, or to mention Tristan to Kieran. They had a lot of feelings, and Kieran and Fon became frans, but then Tristan dumped Kieran BECAUSE he had feelings in front of Zoey and basically was like YOU ARE NOT ACTUALLY STRONG ENOUGH TO DEAL WITH THESE BAD DUDES GTFO so Kieran had sads on the couch and was like ugh merry fucking christmas.

So basically this game was emotional drama central.

AT THE END Bastien had a bit of a freakout and announced that a strange demon tried to break into his heart but didn't get in, and escaped before it could get caught. The repercussions of this are unclear, but hey, at least nobody had to rescue Bastien again.