Ars Notoria

The Demonverse

Magical Operations
The liberal Sciences,
Divine Revelation, and
The Art of Memory.

Character Bios

Character art used in the demonverse game is lovingly created by Ceesoo, who is fab ♥

Lord Sebastian Mayfair | Christian Jacobs | Elli and Luka Sullivan | Lucia Bellcourt and Mr. Sidney (Asmodeus) | Tristan | David Bellcourt | The Sword/The Red Man | Dr. Filangieri | Isobel (Baroness Disolel) | Adam and Lucille Bellcourt | Andromalius and the Crow | Valac | Baal-Berith | The Leviathan | Cadence Kincade and Ling Xe | Kieran Knight | Madison Sharp | Cillian Prewett and Mina Julian | Lucia's assorted demons | Non-recurring characters from the St. Dominic's boys' school game

Game Summaries and Logs

Game 1: The Haunted House
Game 2: Haunted House, II: Or, the Pseudo-Incest Demon Game
Game 3: The St. Dominic's Boys School Mystery
Game 4: The Lucia Code
Game 5: The Lost Artifacts
Game 6: Angels & Demons
Game 7: Deception Point
Game 8: Hell in a Handbasket
Game 9: Doctor Doctor
Game 10: A Holly Jolly Christmas
Game 11: Has Science Gone Too Far...?


Game 6 "Self-indulgence" meme
Game 7 "Self-indulgence" meme

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