The Den of Dissonance

In Nomine for Dummies - The room for those new to the War. It can brief them on Princes, Archangels, Words, and all the different basic rules that make up the world of In Nomine.

DGC! - Run by me. Survived three campaigns and a musical, then died out of the gate in Campagin 4. STOP ME IF YOU'VE HEARD THIS ONE, but a Balseraph, a Lilim, and a Shedite walk into a bar...

Liber Horae - Run by me. A small Angelic game. When three angels are called to rescue a Seraph-Balseraph of Fate, is everything all it seems?

Abashed the Devil Stood - An angelic campaign, run by Myrridin. Pieces of a Glass Heart: Five angels on a search for an item that will either bring back one of the brightest Archangels - or one of the darker Demon Princesses. The Past Isn't Real: A story about the apocalypse.

Judgment Bounce - A one-shot In Nomine Anime-style game about Judgment, the Game, and boobs.

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