Dream or Nightmare

A Changeling Game

Welcome to the Dreaming.

King David is missing.

Lord Egan's heir is taken.

The Horn has vanished.

And there's only a few who can get them back.

Game Logs

LOG 1: Career Information and Planning - Arobryn and Garland get the Lecture, Flora gets Enchanted, and KenKen gets thrown back here.

LOG 2: Riding on Trains with Sidhe - Violence! Anger! Fighting! And other good things!

LOG 3: BLOODBATH! ...and tea! - DEATH! More death! BLOOD! GORE! I think we've filled our violence quota for the game. ^_~

LOG 4: Very Short Session - People start to do stuff, but then Garland's character's computer dies.

LOG 5: Attack on Big Blue Manor - the rescue of Ayame. Introduction of Ishu the Eshu.

LOG 6: Discussions and Prophecy - People talk a lot about stuff. Ayame has a prophecy. Lir attacks. Flora has a prophecy. WE SKEDADDLE!.

LOG 7: A Little Song, a Little Dance, Gavan's Head upon a Lance - Introducing Gavan, the NPC of hate! Introducing Bunny, the NPC-turned-PC of Cute! The horn gets stolen, just in the nick of time!

LOG 8: Somewhere over the Rainbow, We're Still Falling. - At least we're dying like we lived. Upside down on a giant magic stag.

LOG 9: Three hours conversing with a dragon, two hours conversing with a door. - Sadly, the difficulty with doors is that they don't have much room for brains.

LOG 10: Garland Botches, Over and Over Again - You might want to kick him. Everyone else has.

Ed. note: I'm not sure if I'm missing a log here; will have to check with ST.

OFFLINE GAME, JULY 2004: Birds Do It, Bees Do it, Even Tentacled Horrors from beyond the stars do it! - really just notes, since it was offline and all.

LOG 11: Flowers and Cat Poop - Remember, kids: JUST SAY NO TO THE DREAMING!

LOG 12: Hallucinations and Delusions - Botching is FUN, KIDS!

LOG 13: Ropes and Snakes - What Goes Up Must -- Be Snakes?

LOG 14: Party Time - We're all stupid and are going to die.

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