BESM Campaign: The World Is...

Some of you may have heard of BESM, or "Big Eyes Small Mouth: The Universal Anime Roleplaying game. Those of you who haven't, here's the run-down.

People create anime-style characters, using a series of rules that's in a book so I'm not going to bother explaining them here. This means you end up with a rather motley group of characters; in my case: A 'Sailor-moon Campaign oriented' mage (Skeeve), a mecha pilot working for the JSDF (Kawatta) with far too many personalities, an antisocial dragon (Ranith), a psionicist (Doink), a Canadian spy whose Japanese is only so-so (Omero), a clone 'scientific child' cough (Eugene Sichi), an innocent jam-seller (Mujakiko), and a lesbian cat-demon (Tenshi). You take your motley cast and place them in a setting; in my case: Tokyo High School. Then you, the GM (or game master) makes up a plot (or several) to throw 'em into, invite the players over, and sit back and sweat madly as they cause havoc and destruction you had no idea was even possible. (Our first game in this campaign included whipped cream missiles for whip-creaming the Tokyo Tower?)

Well, supposedly people do serious BESM games too. But if you've got players like mine, you can't even keep social ills serious.

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