Here's all my fic from before I started posting to LJ instead, basically -- so fic from earlier than 2003, more or less. With all the "wow this is probably all crap" warnings I can muster: You plays the game, you takes your chances.

(You may find some fic which is also up on LJ; if so that's because it was a section SO MIXED between what was and wasn't that finding it was nigh impossible without slowly sorting through every fic. If you find a double-up, email me at harukami at gmail dot com and I'll fix it up.)

Pick your poison:

The Slayers



SaGa Frontier

In Nomine

Vagrant Story

Swordspoint: Relatives (a Mary Sue Parody)
Earthian: The abridged script
Ai No Kusabi: How Not to be Seen
ZetsuAi: The Twelve Days of Zetsuai
Record of Lodoss Wars: Emperor Beld's First Date
ZetsuAi: Communiation
Petshop of Horrors: Eden
Kaze to Ki no Uta: Rebel Rebel

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