Vagrant Story Fanfic

Note that some of these fics should probably go in the 'old fic' section but haven't quite hit the three-year mark, so if quality varies... er, yeah. XD;

Absolution -- Sydney has always had a connection with the dead; sometimes it shamed his family. But it never shamed the dead. m/m overtones, zombiesex overtones, 5 KB.

A Candle in a Dark Room -- The last thing he needs is a candle to drive away the darkness. Spoilers for the end of the game. 4 KB.

Where Darkness Spreads -- Those who use the dark do not die. Not a full death. A post-game Hardin POV fic, Sydney/Hardin overtones. (ie, m/m). 6 KB.

Knives in Dead Flesh -- Sydney/Hardin, graphic sexual content. Hardin envies the dead for how close they are to Sydney, and how Sydney gives them more sympathy than the living. Zombiesex overtones. 9 KB.

Dreams May Befall Us -- Sydney uses Hardin's body as a medium to, uh, to fuck Ashley in his sleep. I know. I'm sorry. m/m PWP. XD; 20 KB.

Hopes of the Idealist -- Samantha grew up with childhood demons; she's used to them. Spoilers for the end of the game. 4 KB.

Men Lie -- Crossover with In Nomine. Sydney gets called to teach some angels about humanity and their trends. 5 KB.

Plans Vetoed -- The Riskbreaker has no interest in following the plot. None whatsoever. 3 KB.

Restart Button -- Crossover with SaGa Frontier. Sydney summons a very very flamboyantly gay Mystic Lord to bring Ashley down. He wasn't quite anticipating the method. m/m overtones. 6 KB.

The Sorceress of the Woods -- Lord of the Rings...fusion, really. Move over, Galadriel, there's a new blond creepy freak in town. 4 KB.

Walking Wounded -- m/m necrophiliac overtones. Post-series. Ashley gets direction from Sydney. 3 KB.

What the world says about sydney and along with overtones
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