Shoujo Kakumei Utena

Once, there was a little princess whose parents had just died. A prince on a white horse came along and kissed her tears, then gave her a ring, saying, "This ring will lead you to me, some day." The little girl was so impressed, she decided to become a prince herself. But her prince wasn't a prince any more (was, in fact, a Very Bad Man) and the place she ended up was a land of shadows and human darkness...

Touga and the Seitokai
Touga and the Student Council a la Pinky and the Brain. Includes a CLAMP joke and as much surrealism as the ACTUAL Student Council meetings.

Le Ciel
First of my Malice Mizer song-inspired fics. Touga and Miki meet and discuss themselves. Shounen-ai implications.

Live For Me and Live Forever
Second Malice Mizer song-inspired fic. Yes, I know the title is wrong. If it really WERE based off of "Transylvania", the lyric would be "Drink from me and live forever" but... yes. Miki listens to some music and gets visited by the Very Bad Man. Depressing. Surreal. YAOI. In no way connected to "Le Ciel".

No Pains, No Gains
Saiounji has problems and someone exposes some of them to him. Extremely weird warning. Akio warning. YAOIish. Again, no connections to the other MM song-inspired fics.

Bois de Merveilles
Yet another MM-inspired fic. In the garden called Ohtori Gakuen, nobody grows up. No, I don't like Akio, but he's INTERESTING. Snit fit warning.

Ju Te Veux
And ANOTHER MM-inspired fic. Juri thinks about flight. Shiori warning. Yuri bits. ^^ No Akio, for once.

The Scent of Black Roses in a Midnight-Dark Noon
NOT a MM-inspired fic. Mikage looks in the dark for eternity, and perhaps finds it. YAOIish, was there any doubt? Long name warning.

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