The Slayers!

Lina Inverse (abominable sorceress) saves the world in between dinners and running away. Helping her are Gourry, dumb swordsman extrordinaire; Zelgadis, a tragic hero of a chimera looking for a cure; Amelia, a young and enthusiastic white magician; Sylphiel, a priestess; Xelloss, an evil priest; and Filia, a Gold Dragon. Together they are... the Slayers!

Between the Lines
"There's never much to speak about/or read between the lines of what we/dream about when we're apart/and no one's looking on to say/'you're mine'" Filia and Xelloss have some drinks and conversations. Het steamy stuff. Spoilers for the end of TRY.

The Blind Woman
Eris's thoughts at the time she's betrayed. Spoilers for volume 7 of Slayers.

Little Blue Riding Hood
Little Blue Riding Hood brings poisoned goodies to his grandfather/great-grandfather's house, and encounters a wolf... first Slayers fic I wrote, and kinda YAOI.

Chaos Dreams
Lina finds herself in the lake of chaos. Has a yuri goddess, and yaoi inplications with the other two. Yes, this does involve Lei Magnus, Ceipheed, and a folding card table. Spoilerish for the end of NEXT.

Damn Annoying Phoner!
Has anyone heard "Only Lonely Soldier", the Valgarv image song in which his Seiyuu tries (so hard, and fails SO miserably) to sing in English, also randomly screaming as if he'd been nutted somewhere near the middle? Yeah. This is MY rewrite of that song. A bit of Val/Garv implications, and if that makes you queasy, bite me.

Falling Down
My requisite Depressing Fic. I'm better now, 'kay? Xelloss finds that fire he's been missing and, in taking it, smothers it completely.

Goldilocks and the Three Gorgeous Mazoku
Second of my Slayers fics. A young blond swordsman stumbles upon the home of Three Gorgeous Mazoku while they're absent... just lots of weird YAOIish stuff.

PS... Is Love Forever?
A number of characters exchange letters a few years after the series ends.

Possibly the second-best known of my fics, after POWERS, which isn't up here for reasons explained elsewhere. Val thinks about a double-past he can barely remember. Several pairings in this fic and they're both YAOI, and not necessarily aesthetically pleasing. I still consider this my best Slayers fic to date. Spoilers for the end of TRY.

Slayers NEVER!
A series of short scenes/eyecatches with things that would NEVER happen in Slayers. ^^ Worth a laugh or two, anyway. Yaoi/yuri/character mocking, and other objectionable things.

Smoke and Mirrors
Xelloss plans a massacre. Kinda a crappy fic, but just good enough that I decided to put it up anyway.

Something Important, Or, A Diary by Someone Whose Name Begins with L.
A little girl keeps a diary. Set about volume 3 of the first series.

Rezo reflects on what you sometimes have to do to ensure someone's survival...

Set in the aftermath of TRY, and thus, some pretty important TRY spoilers. What would happen if Valgarv had succeeded?

The Twelve Days of Slayers
A twisted christmas carol with character comments. Heheheh. The Twelve Days of Christmas is just too easy to parody...

Waiting for a Plot
Amelia and Zel sit around and debate what plot'll come along next. Bonus points if you recognize the fics and authors referred to. YAOI references, if nothing else... along with other types of pairings. ^^ Blatant Godot/Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead references. winner of Animefest '99 's Best Comedy and currently nominated for the Z&A Forever Award. Mainly because they never finished the award thingie.

Powers of Heart and Soul

The Nature of Friendship -- Xelloss pisses Zelgadis off, and remembers the dragons.
Beyond Friendship -- Zelgadis and Xelloss grow closer, Amelia is lonely.
Strains on Friendship -- When Xelloss discovers that Lina is potentially the Knight of Shabranigido, he takes measures into his own hands to try to make her become so; to his surprise, Zelgadis volunteers help... meanwhile, a black dragon has joined their group for reasons they're not entirely sure of.

Palace Life -- A return to Seiryuun leaves Guntair surprised that his new girlfriend is a princess; meanwhile, Amelia's distant family is none too pleased either, especially when it seems likely to place a non-human next in line for the throne which they'd rather have.
Gathering No Moss -- The group's ongoing journey takes them past Zelgadis's house in a stunning example of the author being unable to remember the canon of how old he is and having to pull an excuse out of her butt! Meanwhile, an old member of Xelloss's family, as much as Mazoku have such a thing (...where DO baby Mazoku come from?) is harrassing Zelgadis, and the party meets up with a strange little boy...
Dead Giveaways -- Continuing on their itinerary, the crew gets to meet the good country stock Gourry comes from, though when it reveals the secret of Zelgadis's relationship with Xelloss, people aren't happy. From there, it's on to the Black Valley, where a surprise awaits them.

Invisible Bindings -- the dragons are none too pleased to find a Mazoku in their territory, let alone one that destroyed a good portion of the Gold Dragons, and unfortunately for our team, they decide to make good use of his offer to be bound. Meanwhile, some idiot's stolen one of the jewels of Shabranigido, and Guntair needs to decide where his allegiance lies.
Foes remains unfinished.

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