SaGa Frontier Fanfic


Birthday -- Ildon thinks it's useless for Asellus to celebrate her birthday. Rastaban disagrees. Birthdayfic for Alliath. 4 KB.

A Month from Fuse's Diary -- Like it says. Day to day account of Fuse's real life adventures! 4 KB.

Hair of the Dog -- Gen wakes up with a hangover and with fur in his bed. 3 KB.

At the Mages' Blood Again -- Everyone's drunk except Ildon. Poor Ildon. 3 KB.

New Information -- Blue gets caught in the library with the Wrong Sort of Book. 2 KB.

Passing Time -- The greatest enemy of the Mystic Lords is boredom, which is why Virgil goes to visit Orlouge, who hates him, and will LET him use his Charm. 4 KB.

Physical -- The Good Doctor Nusaken is taking an AWFUL lot of samples for just a physical... 2 KB.

Restart Button -- Crossover with Vagrant Story. Sydney summons a Mystic Lord to defeat Ashley. Rastaban charms him instead. 6 KB.

Multi-part fanfics

Restarting the Clock -- a Mystic saga

Make It Bleed -- Rastaban, frustrated with the way nothing ever changes, wants to grab Chateau Aiguille's stagnation and make it bleed. Some m/m sexual content, bloodplay. 5 KB.

Suddenly, Light -- White Rose, trapped in the labyrinth, waits for freedom. 4 KB.

Request -- An injured Rastaban goes to Ildon with a request, as the only one he can trust. Some mild m/m sexual overtones, ditto bloodplay. 8 KB.

Knight -- Ciato muses on being the only one utterly loyal to Orlouge. Some m/m overtones. 5 KB.

Resentment -- Rastaban has told Ildon that Ildon resents him. Ildon supposes he has no choice but to agree. m/m overtones. 3 KB.

Feeling the Cold -- Rastaban wakes up. Don't stop watching. 3 KB.

Ever Forever -- Rastaban remembers how he and Ildon met, and how much the human has changed when he became a mystic. m/m sexual content. 6 KB.

Concerto for Madness and Heartstrings -- Rastaban composes his grand opus. Nobody understands it. m/m sexual content. 6 KB.

Succession -- Orlouge is old, and he's ready to take a successor when he runs over a girl in a street. 3 KB.

Breathless, Airless -- Injured and fading into non-existance, Rastaban still must arrange for Asellus to take over, whether she wants to or not. 5 KB.

Further info on rastaban and and also ildon
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