CLAMP's series range from the blatantly silly and cutesy to tragic, nihilistic stories of the end of the world. I like to combine the two.

Magic Knights Rayearth during the time of X. Fuu hears someone calling to her in the wind, in December, 1999. This was a birthday fic for my dear friend Taru's birthday, December, 1999.

Reality Hits
A few years after the end of the Tokyo Babylon manga, Subaru comes to visit the grave of someone dear to him and meets someone who had been dear to him. Kinda a/u. Started out a birthday fic for Subaru but got depressing.

Satan Rejected His Soul
A song fic set to "Satan Rejected My Soul" by Morrissey. After the X movie, the ghost of Fuuma's head returns to haunt Kamui. Has blatant manga references. ^^ Mild shounen-ai implications.

A series of short scenes/skits involving the cast of X from the manga and the movie. Utena jokes, and at least one reference to a scene from Clamp Gakuen Tanteidan. Gore and silly-build-ups. Yaoi and yuri implications, and other good things.

A Wish fic, one of about four out there. A little look into why Kouryuu acts as he does to Kohaku.

An X fic. Written, oddly enough, before I knew what had happened in the most recent volumes of X. Seishirou dreams in a pond of blood and Subaru smells of sakura.