Plans Vetoed

Sydney had been expecting to meet Ashley in the Snowfly Forest and was rather perturbed when the Riskbreaker *didn't show up*. He dispatched the irritating meddling priest in what seemed like ten times as long as it would be if Ashley had been there. Running around and casting armour-strengthening spells on yourself was *boring*.

After waiting on a rock for what seemed like far, far too long, legs crossed and bored, he decided to backtrack. He was running out of *time* - too soon, All Would Come to Pass, and Guildenstern would track him down for a Sydney-skin rug. If the Riskbreaker was dead, Sydney wasn't quite sure what he would do. Certes, he'd been throwing his most powerful minions against Ashley, but that was merely to make him stronger. Still, if the tool broke, he'd be useless anyway. Sydney would just have to make another plan.

He found Ashley camped in the snow dragon's clearing, having made a rather crude tent out of sticks and leaves. The slightly thicker number of snowflies implied that Ashley had taken care of the dragon quite well. Sydney's eyebrow arched. "Ashley Riot," he said.

Ashley Riot looked up from his campfire, where he was roasting - Sydney's nose twitched - what seemed to be sausages. "Oh," Ashley said. "It's you. Hello."

"Yes, it's me, hello," Sydney mimicked. "What are you *doing*?"

"I'm making sausages. Care for one?"

"No." Sydney posed, his buttcape fluttering behind him. "Riskbreaker, do you not know the power that swells in this very instant? Time is running short. If you desire to learn what happened to your family, then..."

Ashley waved a hand. "Tia and Marco can wait until after dinner."

Flustered, Sydney's claws clinked as he shut and opened his fists. "But they're your *murdered wife and child*! Don't you care?"

Ashley shrugged. "Yeah," he said. "But my Risk's way up and my hitpoints are very low, and I'm trying to run through without using magic this time around, so you're going to have to wait!"

"You killed them, you know," Sydney said spitefully.

"Did not. Do you think these are done?"

"Ashley Riot," Sydney hissed, "rise and get your bare buttocks into action."

Ashley eyed Sydney. "You know, I think I'll *stop* offering you sausage."

Sydney sputtered, speechless, then reached out and snatched Ashley's rood necklace, his momento of Tia, from around his neck.


"Come and catch me, Ashley Riot." Sydney phased out of the world of the living.

Ashley was pouting faintly as he kicked dirt over his fire. "Fine," he muttered, in a sulk. "My sausage was too good for you anyway."