Bleach Fanfic


Third Wheel -- When Orihime hooks up with Ichigo, her two best friends are left to figure out how they feel about it. Chizuru/Tatsuki preslash, really. XD; f/f, mild sexual references, 10 KB.

Pet Peeves -- According to his bio, Ishida has some pretty strange pet peeves. Ichigo mocks. 2 KB.

Projection -- It's like a grade-school crush, including pushing people off swings: You only mock 'em because you want 'em. Chizuru/Tatsuki overtones. Mild f/f references. 2 KB.

The Dad-in-Law Party -- Ichigo brings Orihime home to meet the family. She fits right in. Mild sexual references of an m/f sort, 3 KB.

Chocolate -- Ichigo has a great, huge c...hocolate. M/f sexual humour, 3 KB.

Ichigo's Closet -- It's time for Rukia to come out of the closet. 1 KB.

Bleach the Bottle -- Orihime invites everyone to a game of spin the bottle. Wacky shite ensues. Mild m/m, f/f, and m/f content. 9 KB.

Visited Upon the Children -- Isshin thinks about his family's connection to life and death. 3 KB.

The Sleepover -- Chizuru invites Tatsuki to a very special sleepover. F/f overtones, 3 KB. New

Working Out -- Tatsuki and Ishida go on a date. Sort of. Various sexualities given reference to, not terribly explicit, 3 KB. New


Dessert -- My other choice of title was 'Strawberry Sexcake', which sounded too much like porn. Which this isn't. Much. It's all about sex, though, even though none of it's onscreen, so assume an R-rating for each of the below.

Popping the Strawberry -- After her first time was a fantastic flop, Orihime goes to one of her female friends for advice. Unfortunately, she picked Rukia. m/f sexual references, 3 KB.

Strawberry Jam -- Rukia doesn't even TRY to keep her mouth shut. Tatsuki seeks vengeance for Ichigo's inexperience. m/f sexual references, 3 KB.

Strawberry Tart -- Orihime devises a plan! m/f sexual references, 3 KB.